Motor vehicle registration for vehicles with plates ending in 4 extended until end of May

Last month, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that they have extended the motor vehicle (MV) registration of cars with plates that end in 3. This is to give affected motorists more time to schedule a renewal at their nearest district office.

But what about vehicle owners that have license plates ending in 4? Worry no more, as the LTO also extended the MV registration of these vehicles.

In a recent Facebook post, the LTO shared that all motor vehicles with license plates ending in 4 will automatically have their MV registrations extended until the end of May. This means affected vehicle owners will have until May 31, 2022, to schedule a renewal at their nearest LTO.

LTO extends MV registration validity for cars ending in 4 image

The extension is to give motorists more time without having to think about paying the penalty for late renewals. However, this isn't an excuse for drivers to wait until the last minute. Should motorists have the time to visit their nearest LTO, they are advised to renew their MV registration right away.

In case your vehicle's license plate ends in 4, you now have some peace of mind knowing that your MV registration is still good until May 31. More importantly, you can plan ahead as to when you'll visit your nearest LTO to renew your MV.