1300 HP and 3 motors is the way to go according to Lucid

Back then, and until now, the main focus of the automotive industry was how to get more horses out of the engine for less fuel. Turbochargers and intercoolers were invented as components that could be added to bring out more power and torque.

With the introduction of the electric car, newer technologies have been introduced. With the world moving to alternative renewable sources to power their vehicles and hit the world zero-emission mandate by 2050, electrified cars have started to become mainstream.

3 is Lucid Air’s magical number image

Car manufacturers are now scrambling to electrify their fleet and you guessed it, trying again to squeeze every horsepower available out of these new electric powertrains. If you own an electric car already, you know how much torque there is and you can actually swear by it. Companies like Tesla who have upped the electric car game have given us high-performance EVs like the Model S and the Model S Plaid. Even legendary German car performance brand Porsche has thrown its hat in the conversation with the Taycan Turbo S. 

3 is Lucid Air’s magical number image

Enter Lucid Motors and their new three-motor variant of the Air sedan. Lucid is an electric-car start-up from the US and through Twitter, unleashed its new motor concept. The Lucid Air sedan has been making headlines since debuting last September 2020. CEO Peter Rawlinson said the three-motor Air sedan is going to be the flagship “Performance” model with its 969 kW output or 1,300 PS. The setup will have two electric motors powering the rear wheels, one for each then the third will be powering the two front wheels.

3 is Lucid Air’s magical number image

It looks like Lucid is gunning for Tesla as they have been tweaking the performance of the Air to rival the Model S Plaid. The Model S Plaid claims an output of 761 kW or 1,034 PS and a 0-100 time of 2.1 seconds. Tesla also claims the EV can take on a quarter mile in 9.23 seconds. Lucid’s current dual motor flagship, the “Grand Touring Performance” sedan produces 783 kW or 1,064 PS with its dual motor setup, so this new three-motor concept is pretty exciting.

With the new technologies coming out from all corners of the globe and the automotive industry’s yearning to go faster, customers that are looking for a fast and efficient EV will benefit from all this research and development. In addition, more and more EVs could become faster and have a better battery range than ever.