Mazda to focus on the MX-5 and a new roadster concept at Japan auto show

Do you remember when Mazda debuted a 36-minute corporate audio-visual presentation in November 2022? It contained a lot about the automaker’s plans for carbon neutrality, powertrain electrification, and smart vehicles. But the highlight of the lengthy video was a short snippet at the 34:55 mark showing a computer-generated version of the Vision Study Model.

After less than 12 months, Mazda has a hard copy of what we saw online last year. The teaser photo of the concept they will unveil at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show 2023 shows the close-up of a tail eerily similar to the Vision Study Model. It has the same taillights that look like two circles intersecting, the brand name in the middle, and slim vertical light bars at the bottom. Could this be the next-generation MX-5, and will it be electrified in some form?

Mazda teases roadster concept ahead of Japan Mobility Show image

Vision Study Model by Mazda

We are sure plenty of MX-5 fans are excited to find out. But along with the concept, Mazda’s entire presentation at the auto show is an ode to its most popular two-seater sports car, while following the theme “love of cars.”

Attendees of the Japan Mobility Show 2023 will see a variety of MX-5 models, including the first-generation MX-5; a two-thirds scale MX-5 model that provides a simulated driving experience for visiting children; the latest MX-5; and an MX-5 SeDV (Self-empowerment Driving Vehicle) that can be controlled using only the driver's hands.

Outside of the show, Mazda will also present the Mazda2 Bio Concept in the motorsport area. It is a model designed to work with next-generation biodiesel.

The Japan Mobility Show 2023 opens to the public on October 28 until November 5, 2023.