Mazda computer-generated concept appears in corporate video

Mazda made a big announcement via a 36-minute corporate video. It revealed the Japanese automaker’s plans to go carbon neutral starting in 2035, its next set of electrified powertrains, and plans for more driver-assistance systems using AI (artificial intelligence) and IT (information technology).

Towards the end of the video presentation, a series of Miatas (of varying generations) make one cameo after another, including a computer-generated concept that appears eerily similar to the Mazda RX-Vision Concept on display at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, albeit with a few minor updates.

The grille of the digitally-constructed sports car has a smaller grille with a thick silver bottom trim. Its headlights are on top of the hood (not on the edge like the original RX-Vision concept), and the taillights but redesigned to look like two circles intersecting (not two separate circles like the original RX-Vision concept).

Mazda Vision Study Concept EV image

There is speculation that it could be the next-generation MX-5, but aside from the fenders, there aren’t many similarities between the two models.

The prominent features of the sports car concept Mazda teased in the video include butterfly doors, swollen fenders, a short rear overhang, and a stretched hood.

Mazda’s message in the video was quite clear. The Hiroshima-based automaker is going for sustainable mobility via carbon neutrality, powertrain electrification, and smart vehicles. The upcoming model inspired by the concept in the video is anyone’s guess.