Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled its latest executive two-door, the 2016 C-Class Coupe. Also known as the W205, the baby coupe follows the styling direction of its sedan counterpart and gets S-Class exterior cues.

For 2016, the dimentions for C-Class Coupe have grown significantly. While width only grew 40 mm, length and wheelbase have been stretched by 95 mm and 80 mm respectively. As for its styling, the 2016 C-Class Coupe is visually similar to the sedan from the bumper to the fenders. From the A-pillar back, the coupe gets a more rakish windshield, followed by a swooping roofline that tapers into the trunklid.

2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe rear

Like its predecessor, the W205 C-Class Coupe gets frameless doors. Unlike the previous generation C-Class Coupe that shared its tailights with the four door version, the new coupe gets a more distinct rear-end treatment to distinguish it from the current sedan. The edge of the trunklid follows a single swooping arch and below it are S-Class Coupe-like tailights. For the AMG Sport Package models, the rear bumper gets built-in diffusers. Most of its interior is shared with the sedan model.

At the moment, Mercedes-Benz has only mentioned one variant for the new coupe. The unveiled the C300 Coupe with 4Matic all-wheel drive. The C300 Coupe is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that develops 245 PS and 370 Nm of torque. A full range of engines will follow in the coming weeks and will most likely share its engines from the sedan and wagon model lineup.

2016 C-Class Coupe dashboard

The C-Class Coupe will be available with the latest technologies from Mercedes-Benz. Among the options are brake assist, active lane keeping assist, active parking assist, 360-degree camera adaptive and an adaptive cruise control system that can be set up to 200 km/h. One technical highlight from the new coupe is a smart automatic air-conditioning recirculating system. On automatic recirculation, the system shuts the vents when apporaching enclosed spaces such as tunnels or parking buildings. The system opens the vents once out in open air.

2016 C-Class Coupe

It is likely that the full details and first public appearance of the C-Class coupe will be at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show around mid-September. Sales in Europe will begin before the year's end. As for the high performance AMG models, the company says it will be unveiled on August 19.