How big do you want your car's touchscreen? If you said massive, then Mercedes-Benz's latest bit of tech should please you. It isn't just huge, it's a Hyperscreen; The MBUX Hyperscreen, to be exact.

Set to be available on the EQS come 2022, the massive display nearly spans the interior width of the vehicle's interior, hence its name. The screen itself measures at 56-inches and even comes with integrated aircon vents. It makes use of three OLED screens – one for the driver, one for the front passenger, and the central media display.

The driver's side display can show the gauges, the navigation system, and an integrated multi-info display. The driver's screen can also show points of interest, a 3D driver display, as well as a heads-up display for a more ergonomic look.

MBUX hyperscreen image

Over to the screen at the center, it functions as a typical media display. It can show navigation, Bluetooth, music, phone, and even HVAC controls. But what about the front passenger display? According to Mercedes-Benz, the smallest screen can show entertainment options.

In terms of specs, Mercedes-Benz says the Hyperscreen operates with 8 CPU cores, along with 24GB of RAM. Not only is the MBUX Hyperscreen look sleek, but it also has the hardware to back up all its available functions.

As for Hyperscreen's A.I., the system makes use of a learning computer that can suggest options, as well as make the drive more comfortable. When a driver uses the suspension lift function on a particular location, the system will learn that behavior and can do it automatically. And if the driver regularly makes a call at a specific hour, the system can also remember that and suggest it to the driver. With seven profiles available for use, the system can distinctly remember each profile's wants, needs, and preferences.

MBUX hyperscreen image

With the screen itself made from glass, some of you might be wondering if the Hyperscreen is a dangerous hazard during accidents. Mercedes-Benz says there's no need to worry as the glass itself is rendered at temperatures of 650 degrees Celsius. For comparison, Gorilla Glass, mostly used on tablets and smartphones, is heated up to 400 degrees Celsius.

The company even tested the Hyperglass in extreme accidents. Thanks to pre-determined breaking points at either end, the glass will not shatter in an accident. The screen also has two cover plates to reduce reflections and make cleaning of the glass easier.

MBUX hyperscreen image

With EQS set to be the first Mercedes-Benz to get the massive display, expect other cars in Mercedes-Benz's lineup to get the dashboard-sized media system.