2024 Mini Cooper Electric has retro-inspired dashboard

A few more details have come to light about the upcoming three-door 2024 Mini Cooper Electric, after it was first announced by the brand in early May 2023.

Taking after its sibling, the all-electric Cooper SE, this soon-to-launch Mini hatchback has lithium-ion high-voltage batteries installed on the floor for optimum road holding and weight distribution. It puts out 184 PS and delivers power without delay and shift interruptions.

While all its advanced technology may not be visible outside, the cabin will take the driver experience to a whole new level. Mini moves forward by taking a step back and drawing inspiration from its older models, the oldest in fact – the 1959 example designed by Alec Issigonis – albeit with a few modern twists.

Mini goes minimalist inside 2024 Cooper Electric image

Instead of a completely vertical dashboard, the Mini Cooper Electric slants from the windshield and has a few curves. It also stands out as one of the few designs with light panels on the flat surfaces in front of the driver and passenger. It replaces the analog clock of the OG Mini Cooper with a large (almost as big as the steering wheel) round infotainment display showing various vehicle-related settings and menu systems. Below it is the toggles for various other in-car features.

The drive selector is repositioned behind the steering wheel while drive-related information like speed and trip computer is shown on the heads-up display.

Mini goes minimalist inside 2024 Cooper Electric image

Not only is the new dashboard neat, it is absolutely futuristic as well. We can’t wait to see what else Mini has with the 2024 Cooper Electric.