Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) in Japan is in the long process of dealing and quashing one issue after the next and for now, they’ve got their sights on the Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) controversy hounding the Montero Sport.

So far, only the Philippines have experienced reports of alleged SUA incidents on the previous-generation Montero Sport.

MMC chair and CEO Osamu Masuko has just announced that it has hired the services of UK-based global vehicle research and testing facility, Horiba Mira Ltd., to conduct a comprehensive test on the Montero Sport to determine if the SUA allegations have any basis whatsoever.

"The investigation has been in progress for sometime and (we expect) a report about their findings soon. We’re very sorry for these customers (that complained about the alleged SUA) and as soon as possible, we want to resolve this problem," said Masuko.

MMC tapped the services of Horiba Mira in May and have been conducting tests at the UK facility on a suspected Montero Sport vehicle from the Philippines with results expect to be released by the end of July. The testing company will also send representatives to the Philippines to conduct further inquiry as well.

The third-party investigation is at the Japanese automakers own accord and separate from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)'s planned testing, which has been stalled due to failure to secure a qualified bidder. Another bid might help pending the administration change.

"(So) we decided to conduct our own third party investigation," said Kato. Testing facilities from six countries – UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Singapore and India – were interested in the bidding, according to the DTI.

According to Masuko, the Philippines is a highly regarded market for Mitsubishi with the Montero Sport being an "very important" model in the ASEAN region. "It's very unfortuntate that this has to happen," he said.

Source: Manila Bulletin