It's not only the Outlander PHEV that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) plans to bring to the country soon. Apart from the plug-in hybrid that is set to arrive in late 2020, the automaker also plans to roll out a charging system, as well as their next-generation showrooms across some of their dealerships.

As Mitsubishi deepens their commitment to the EV cause, the need for a charging system has become more apparent. MMPC has come up with a solution via the Dendo Drive Station (DDS). In a recent dealer conference, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with five of its dealers: Union Motor Corporation, Fast Autoworld Philippines Corporation, Motorplaza Inc., SFM Sales Corporation, and Mindanao Integrated Commercial Enterprises Inc.

Mitsubishi PH will soon have showrooms that can charge EVs, PHEVs image

With it, the new partnership aims to roll out the Dendo Drive Station (DDS) in five regions in the Philippines soon. But what exactly is DDS and how does it work?

In a nutshell, DDS will serve as a charging station for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). But unlike typical charging systems that only recharge vehicles, DDS serves another purpose as it can supply electricity from EVs or PHEVs to showrooms and even communities in need. That way, DDS can help power homes in times of natural disasters and calamities.

Mitsubishi PH will soon have showrooms that can charge EVs, PHEVs image

It even has a solar panel which can convert the sun's rays into usable electricity for recharging vehicles or providing power to showrooms and homes. The system can also lessen a showroom's dependancy on the power grid as it can save up on using electricity.

“Similar to Japan, the Philippines is a country that often experiences many natural disasters. I believe with the technology of the Dendo Drive Station, communities will be provided with a dependable self-sustaining power source that does not only generate efficient energy supply but also serves as a reliable electrical source during emergency power shortage,” said Osamu Masuko, MMC's chairman of the board.

Mitsubishi PH will soon have showrooms that can charge EVs, PHEVs image

With the Dendo Drive Station and the Outlander PHEV arriving in the country soon, MMPC aims to promote better understanding of EVs and PHEVs in the country and support the development of the country's automotive industry and the local economy.