Back in July 2020, Mitsubishi Motors laid out its plans until 2023. That included launch plans for the all-new Strada and Montero Sport, along with the redesigned Xpander. It also included a launch year for the Xpander HEV.

Now, we have an update on Mitsubishi Motors' roadmap in the region. CNN Indonesia reported more investments at the Indonesia plant that assembles the Xpander and Xpander Cross. They are also retooling the assembly line for the hybridized Xpander. The total cost of this investment is 11.2 trillion rupiahs or PHP 37,749,490,620 at current exchange rates.

Mitsubishi Xpander hybrid coming sooner than you think image

With that, the model could roll out sooner than expected. But the question now is this, what can we expect from the electrically-assisted Xpander?

It seems that Mitsubishi Motors is going for the full hybridization. If we look at the previous release from MMC, it says Xpander HEV. Those syllables are a clue to what kind of powertrain it might get. If Mitsubishi opted for mild-hybrid power, it would say MHEV. It would say PHEV if it will come with a plug-in hybrid system. Of course, MMC could have just put in HEV to put it under a general category. Still, the idea of a hybrid Xpander is rather interesting, mild or not.

Mitsubishi Xpander hybrid coming sooner than you think image

But what can power the Xpander HEV? One candidate is the powertrain from the Delica D:2 sold in Japan. It uses a 1.2-liter engine paired to a DC synchronous motor and a continuously variable transmission. The engine puts out 91 PS and 118 Nm of torque, while the electric motors make 3.1 PS and 5.1 Nm of torque. Per the manufacturer, it can get up to 22.4 kilometers per liter under mixed driving conditions.

We will know more about the Xpander HEV as its launch date gets closer. But one thing is for sure, production is about to get started along with the next-generation gas-fed model. While it's slated for a 2023 release, it might premiere as early as next year.