We’ve all seen plain security guards step in the middle of the road and direct traffic in order to favor clients of their establishment, tenants or homeowners of the area they’re assigned to.

That’s all well and good if the traffic situation isn’t as complicated as it is already in various parts of Metro Manila.

In order to stop this from becoming a widespread practice by security guards everywhere, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has stepped up to remind security personnel of commercial establishments and residential districts that ‘they do not have the authority to stop traffic within their premises.’

Only security personnel deputized by the MMDA can direct traffic within their assigned area.

“Except in emergency cases, only deputized traffic personnel of the MMDA have the authority to manage and control the direction of traffic,” said MMDA General Manager Thomas Orbos.

Aside from forbidding security personnel from managing traffic in their area, they are also prohibited from stopping vehicular flow in favor of their clients or tenants.
The MMDA is seeking the cooperation of every institution and individual in order to improve the traffic situation in Metro Manila.

“We should all do our part to find solutions to the traffic problem,” added Orbos.