Morgan Motor Company to reveal all-new three-wheeled sports car on Feb 24

Mention Morgan to any enthusiast, and they will immediately think of retro-styled open-top cars like the Plus Four and the Plus Six. However, they’re also known for making three-wheeled vehicles aptly named the ‘3-Wheeler’.

While the original 3-Wheeler has been consigned to the history books, Morgan is making the next generation of three-wheeled vehicles/sports cars, and come February 24, 2022, the British automaker will be revealing its successor.

While its official name has yet to be revealed, the Morgan Motor Company shared some new details about the new three-wheeled vehicle. For starters, it will be powered by a new three-cylinder engine from Ford. Yes, the V-Twin motorcycle engine that powered the 3-Wheeler will be replaced by something new.

As no exact details were listed, it could be any of Ford's three-cylinder engines but since Morgan has ruled out turbocharging and has explicitly stated that it will be naturally aspirated, the award-winning 1.0L EcoBoost is out of the question.

Morgan to reveal EcoBoost-powered three wheeler? image

Aside from that, Morgan also claimed that the upcoming three-wheeler will be the company’s first-clean sheet design since the Aero 8 was launched in 2000. In addition, it is set to become Morgan’s most customizable vehicle to date. To give the public an idea, the company released a teaser photo showing the diverse and versatile options that will be available. From eccentric colors to motorsport-inspired design, the new three-wheeler will surely be quite the looker.

“The next chapter of Morgan’s three-wheeled story will begin on 24 February, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally show it to the world. The all-new model continues a 113 year legacy of three-wheeled Morgan cars, and – as has always been the case – the new model will be totally different to anything else,” said Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company.

With less than a month to go before its global unveiling, we’re hoping the production model will not look too different from the camouflaged unit they showed earlier. More importantly, we cannot wait to hear the sound of the three-cylinder engine that will power Morgan’s all-new three-wheeled vehicle.