Meet the Nissan Surf-Out electric pick-up concept

Nissan has plenty in store for the coming years when it comes to electrification. From making new types of batteries (solid-state) to making eco-friendly factories, as well as increasing electric vehicle (EV) production, Nissan really is charging towards a zero-emissions future.

As part of the company’s further push towards electrification dubbed Nissan Ambition 2030, the automaker has revealed three electric (EV) concepts. Out of those three, one immediately stood out and it could become one of Nissan’s most popular EVs aside from the LEAF.

This is Nissan

That vehicle is this: the Surf-Out concept. It is Nissan’s idea for an all-electric, go-anywhere pick-up truck. Despite being just a concept (for now), the Surf-Out shows Nissan’s commitment to making different types of EVs aside from LEAF and Ariya.

On looks alone, the Surf-Out looks dashing with its unique grille and tailgate. The front features signature LED lighting while the tailgate gets a digital screen that can show emojis or texts that can be read by motorists.

Move aside Cybertruck: Surf-Out is Nissan

In true pick-up fashion, it has a long bed at the back. But unlike most pick-ups where the bed is separate from the cabin, Nissan actually made it possible for the bed to extend towards the interior of the pick-up. The result is that drivers can take advantage of the pick-up’s generous load space.

Need to cover your bed in case the weather turns for the worse? Nissan also made a special canopy that covers the entire bed. But instead of a boxy design, they used a sloping cover which gives the pick-up a more aerodynamic design.

This is Nissan

Details about the pick-up’s electric powertrain are still a mystery. However, we do know that it uses Nissan’s new EV Technology vision architecture. This allows Nissan to place solid-state batteries on the chassis floor, while electric motors can be mounted on the vehicle’s front and rear axles. The result is a relatively flat floor and a direct drive of the motors to the wheels.

This is Nissan

Nissan is not yet saying whether the Surf-Out concept is a precursor to a possible future model. But with Nissan planning to make more EVs in the coming years, we’re hoping that an electric pick-up is part of their EV plans in the not-so-distant future.