Metro Pacific Tollways Corp reminds users to switch to the new Neology RFID

Motorists that frequently travel along NLEX, SCTEX, SFEX, CALAX, CAVITEX, and CAVITEX C5 South Link know that they need to have an EasyTrip RFID in order to pass through the toll gates faster and easier.

While most users are still using their old RFID stickers, Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) together with MPTC South, are encouraging motorists to change their stickers to the latest ones for free.

MPTC encourages motorists to update EasyTrip RFID stickers for free image

During a recent presscon, MPTC South announced that motorists can replace old RFID stickers with newer ones. This is part of the company's campaign for its users to get the new Neology RFID Duo stickers which will allow them to register to AutoSweep (SLEX, TPLEX, Skyway System, NAIAX, MCX, and STAR).

The new Neology RFID Duo will also negate the need for having two stickers for each toll operator. However, MPTC South wishes to remind that users will still need to maintain two separate wallets for EasyTrip and AutoSweep. As for the price of the Neology RFID Duo itself, MPTC South says that the sticker will be installed for free including the accompanying card as users will only have to pay for the load.

MPTC encourages motorists to update EasyTrip RFID stickers for free image

While the new Neology RFID is not mandatory to use, the new sticker does allow users to have one RFID installed on their vehicle rather than having two. So in case your old EasyTrip RFID is no longer working correctly, better get the new Neology at your preferred installation site.