The all-new MG5 sedan was scheduled to make its debut at the upcoming 2020 Beijing Auto Show, but it seems the automaker has decided to reveal the model ahead of time. Now, we get to see the changes with the 2021 model even more thanks to these new official photos.

2021 MG5 looks like a Mercedes-AMG in yellow image

Just like the leaked photos we saw last month, the new MG5 will look drastically different from the out-going model. Noticeably, it features the brand's new design language which coincidentally makes it look similar to a Maserati especially with a gray color. That part hasn't changed. But, this new yellow color does make the sedan look somewhat like a Mercedes-AMG when paired with the black bumper trim and large grille. A pair of sleek headlights have been fitted to match the mean-looking front end.

From the side, the MG5 appears to have taken a coupe-like shape similar to the larger MG6. To match the sharp-looking front end, the 2021 MG5 gets an equally aggressive rear bumper which has an integrated diffuser and twin-tip exhausts. The taillights appear to have also been inspired by the MG6 with the claw-like element.

2021 MG5 looks like a Mercedes-AMG in yellow image

For the first time, we also get to see a bit of the MG5's new interior. Though details were not disclosed, the driver does get a fully digital instrument cluster. There are also numerous buttons on the steering wheel which control the instrument cluster and infotainment system. Speaking of infotainment, the 2021 MG5 appears to have a larger touchscreen infotainment screen compared to before. The user interface seems to be different from before too.

Per our previous article, the new MG5 measures 4675mm long, 1842mm wide, 1480mm tall, and have a 2680mm wheelbase. Compared to the current model, the redesigned sedan is 74mm longer while still retaining the wheelbase of the current model. It is, however, 24mm narrower and 9mm shorter.

2021 MG5 looks like a Mercedes-AMG in yellow image

No official engine details have been announced, but various Chinese websites say two engine options are available – a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter and a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine. The non-turbo mill is set to produce 114 PS and 150 Nm of torque while the turbocharged engine is set to make 173 PS. A CVT and a 5-speed manual are the available transmission options.

The 2021 MG5 will make its public debut on September 26 once the 2020 Beijing Auto Show begins. Expect more details and photos to arrive then. Hopefully, this new model won't take too long before it arrives in the Philippines.