e-4ORCE uses 4 electric motors on each wheel

After delivering ramen without spilling a drop, Nissan’s e-4ORCE technology is now in a radio-controlled (RC) car driving circles on a multi-surface track to show its handling and drivability.

The Japanese automaker is back on YouTube flaunting e-4ORCE on an RC car that looks like an Ariya because it will be the first Nissan to get this innovative electric-drive, four-wheel-control technology.

A specially designed course is used with three checkpoints on a figure-eight layout. The track tests the RC car's handling, grip, traction, and drivability over various surfaces.

Nissan demoes e-4ORCE tech on RC car image

The miniaturized e-4ORCE system in the RC consists of four motors and four speed sensors on each wheel, plus a gyro sensor control system and an onboard camera. These work together to monitor the terrain, traffic, and driving conditions and provide invaluable data so the system can manage the power output and braking performance of each wheel.

e-4ORCE uses all the information it gathers to deliver a smooth and stable ride by tracing the intended driving line without forcing the driver to change their driving style or input. The system will use coordinated control of the front and rear motors, and the brake system to go over slippery or wet terrain. That will make driving a Nissan with this technology much more enjoyable regardless of the driver’s skill level.

Nissan demoes e-4ORCE tech on RC car image

Nissan put the demo in an arcade-type setting. The RC is controlled using a rig with an accelerator pedal, steering wheel, and even a tilting racing seat. The driver sees the track from a monitor linked to the RC’s onboard camera, and the look is just like what you would see from the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

Nissan demoes e-4ORCE tech on RC car image

Nissan’s e-4ORCE technology will make its debut in the all-electric Ariya when it launches later this year.