We want ramen joints to have this motorized tray with e-4orce

Nissan is very confident with its new e-4orce all-wheel drive system that’s currently used in the Ariya electric vehicle. Apart from giving the EV more power and better acceleration, it also gives drivers more control in various driving conditions. The system improves ride comfort too, and it seems Nissan has found a great way of demonstrating it.

The Japanese automaker recently used e-4orce all-wheel drive to serve a delicious bowl of ramen without spilling. Nissan released a short clip of a motorized tray equipped with the same all-wheel-drive system found in the Ariya EV. What’s interesting is that the ramen is not “delivered” at a snail’s pace. Instead, it looks like the tray is moving at high speed but still comes to a halt without a drop of soup leaving the bowl.

According to Nissan, e-4orce all-wheel drive works by using two electric motors to provide smooth acceleration when taking off. In addition, the system reduces unnecessary swaying and pitching of the body under braking and during deceleration through regenerative braking controlled on each axle.

It’s cool to see Nissan’s new all-wheel-drive system at work on a food item. But those who will get to ride and drive the Ariya with e-4orce will be able to experience the system at work on the road. Seeing how much control the service tray has with the ramen, we can only imagine how comfortable the EV will be.

The Nissan Ariya is now on sale in Japan, and it will be available in various markets around the world soon. There’s no word yet whether the EV crossover will be sold in the Philippines. But considering the Leaf is already on sale locally, there is a chance we will get it too.

If not, we hope Nissan at least offers the motorized tray with e-4orce in our favorite ramen joints.