Nissan Philippines adjusts prices of the Terra, Navara, and Urvan Premium

More and more automakers in the country have been raising the SRP of their vehicles. Nissan Philippines is no different, as the company recently updated its price list in the country. Unlike other automakers that had to increase the prices on almost all of their models, however, Nissan only increased the price on three particular nameplates.

Let's start with Nissan's midsize SUV, the Terra. The EL and VE variants have received a PHP 15,000 mark up, bumping the price of the 2.5 EL 4x2 M/T and A/T models to PHP 1,539,000 and PHP 1,655,000, respectively. Meanwhile, the 2.5 VE 4x2 A/T gets a new sticker price of PHP 1,752,000. Getting bigger price hikes are the 2.5 VL 4x2 and 4x4 A/T versions. The 2WD model now retails for PHP 1,984,000 while the 4WD variant now retails for PHP 2,211,000 due to a PHP 35,000 price hike.

Nissan PH raises the prices on just three models image

Over to the Navara, select variants of the pick-up truck get a PHP 24,000 increase. The 4x2 EL Calibre M/T and A/T now retail at PHP 1,159,000 and PHP 1,219,000, accordingly. Meanwhile, the 4x4 VL M/T is now priced at PhP 1,479,000. As for the 4x4 VL A/T, Nissan is now selling it for PHP 1,539,000. The only versions that were not affected by the price adjustment were the 4x2 M/T, the 4x2 Calibre M/T, and all the Sport Edition models.

Nissan PH raises the prices on just three models image

From SUVs and pick-ups, we now move to Nissan's people carrier, the NV350 Urvan. A PHP 30,000 price increase has raised the SRP of the Urvan Premium. The M/T version now sells for PHP 1,806,000 while the A/T variant can be yours for PHP 1,866,000. The prices of the Cargo, 15-seater, and 18-seater versions of the NV350 Urvan remain unchanged.

The rest of the Nissan range – the Almera, Sylphy, X-Trail, Patrol Royale, 370Z, and GT-R, maintain their current prices as before.

With Nissan PH sourcing units of the Terra and Navara from Thailand (the NV350 from Japan), expect the prices of these vehicles to go up even more once the DTI's safeguard bonds come into effect.