NLEX opens Road Traffic Safety Hub & Park in Pampanga

With its mission of providing safe travel to its stakeholders and continuously minimizing the number of road-related incidents, NLEX Corporation recently inaugurated the NLEX Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Hub & Park in Dau, Pampanga.

With an emphasis on strengthening the company’s road safety advocacy campaign, the tollway company partnered with several government agencies and organizations like UNICEF, LTO, TRB, UP-NCTS, Imagine Law, and LGUs to make the RTS Hub & Park a reality.

NLEX strengthens road safety advocacy with educational park image

The facility, which used to be the old NLEX Dau Toll Supervision Building, was converted to provide an avenue for safety training seminars and to allow NLEX’s key stakeholders to be educated on safe road practices and responsible driving. Equipped with road safety gear, traffic safety devices, and learning materials, guests experientially were able to learn about the importance of road discipline.

The opening ceremony was led by NLEX President and GM J. Luigi Bautista, LTO NCR Regional Director Roque Versoza III, TRB Deputy OIC of Regulation Division Joz Ordillano, Imagine Law’s Atty. Daphne Marcelo, UP NCTS Engr. Aileen Mappala, and MPTC Chief Corporate Governance & Risk Officer Atty. Cynthia Casiño.

NLEX strengthens road safety advocacy with educational park image

During its inauguration, Elementary students from EPZA Resettlement Elementary School in Angeles, Pampanga were among the first guests at the NLEX RTS Hub & Park. They were exposed to road safety training and were taught about road discipline through fun and engaging activities.

NLEX strengthens road safety advocacy with educational park image

“This RTS Hub & Park for me is a symbol of hope. It is both an image and representation of our aspiration and commitment to elevate road safety in our expressway network. I am glad that we were able to transform this asset into something more valuable for our road safety advocacy,” said J. Luigi L. Bautista, NLEX Corporation president & General Manager.