12 of 14 Toyota's plants in Japan resume production

Along with most manufacturers, Toyota is still rebounding from the impact of the pandemic that caused parts supply issues, affecting overall vehicle production in general. And just when things are starting to go back to normal, the Japanese auto giant has faced another temporary setback.

Toyota was forced to shut down operations in all their manufacturing plants in Japan early in the week after a glitch occurred in their production order system. This affected 28 lines in 14 plants that make both Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Currently, Toyota is still investigating what caused the glitch, but they were quick to rule out that it was not another case of cyber attack. It's worth noting that Toyota was also forced to do a temporary shutdown last year as their domestic parts supplier Kojima Industries Corporation was hacked, causing a system failure that halted the delivery of parts to Toyota.

Since the Japanese auto giant uses a just-in-time manufacturing system that does not stockpile parts from suppliers, this makes them vulnerable whenever there are disruptions when it comes to parts supply.

Thankfully, Toyota has now put in a temporary system to resume the processing of parts orders, enabling them to resume operations in 12 of their 14 plants as of today. So if you've been waiting to get Japan-made Toyotas like the Land Cruiser 300 or the GR Yaris, you can breathe a sigh of relief that Toyota has resolved the issue quickly.