The pickup, SUV, and 4x4 market has been growing significantly in recent years, and with it is the demand for tires that can go off the beaten path. A new player has entered the market with American R&D, support and quality assurance; the name is Patriot Tires.

Born in 2017, the company set forth to target the growing demand for quality tires with an affordable price. To meet this need, they produce tires from an American owned factory in Taiwan sourcing rubber only from Malaysia and Thailand. Brand principal Omni-United assures that there is no Chinese influence behind their Patriot brand tires.

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To celebrate this arrival, Patriot Tires through its local distributor YHI Philippines has recently partnered with Black Rhino Wheels Philippines; putting together two major aftermarket name brands together. According to Black Rhino Wheels, Patriot was the perfect fit for their need to offer a mid-range tire brand for customers, which are a good match for their product portfolio.

“We have been looking for the right brand of tire for quite some time to partner with Black Rhino off-road wheels and it’s timely for Patriot Tires to enter the Philippine market” says Sam Liuson, president of Black Rhino Wheels - Philippines.

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Patriot Tires offers a wide range of tires for on-road to off-road applications. A highlight of Patriot Tires is the Rugged Terrain tire which is a unique classification (hybrid) between All-Terrain (A/T) Tires and Mud Terrain (M/T) tires. The Rugged Terrain Tires give a quiet and smooth ride, but also the capability to go on rough terrain like a pure M/T tire. This model also comes with two sidewall patterns so users can choose the design that suits his taste. 

“The Rugged Terrain tire is perfect for our customers who are looking for quiet tires for road use yet have the aggressive design of a Mud Tire”, added John Alexander, AVP for Sales - Patriot Tires APAC.

Patriot Tires is now available at the Black Rhino Wheels main showroom in San Juan and also in the Black Rhino Outlet Store in Paranaque.