After six years, Peugeot introduces next-generation 2008 crossover

It's been six years since the Peugeot 2008 made its global debut back, combining a stylish hatchback with crossover practicality, making it a popular choice in Europe. Now, the French automaker has revealed the second-generation 2008 which continues with the same formula as its predecessor but brings with it a new, futuristic design as well as an all-electric version.

We like Peugeot drastic makeover of the 2020 2008 image

Design wise, the 2008 certainly underwent a massive makeover, and it looks good. The crossover now looks similar to other models currently offered by Peugeot such as the 5008. Up front, there is a larger, more prominent grill flanked by a pair of headlights borrowed from the 208. Sitting below the headlights are the brand's new signature fang-shaped LED daytime running lights.

At the rear its the same story. The 2008's taillights now look similar to that of the 5008 crossover which features a black strip that runs the width of the tailgate, connecting the two LED clusters together. Interestingly, the bumper still looks almost similar to that of its predecessor with a pair of large rear foglights integrated into the black cladding.

We like Peugeot drastic makeover of the 2020 2008 image

Situated in front of the driver is a new digital display with a touchscreen infotainment system placed at the center of the dashboard. Most of the interior switches are now positioned in the center of the dashboard, giving the cabin a cleaner look. There's more legroom for passengers and additional cargo as well thanks to new CMP platform the new 2008 rides on.

Powering the new 2008 is a variety of gasoline and diesel engines which produces power outputs which range from 99 horsepower to 150 horsepower. Both diesel and gasoline engines are available with either an automatic and a manual transmission.

We like Peugeot drastic makeover of the 2020 2008 image

The more important variant, however, would be the new all-electric e-2008. The electric version is visually identical to that of the ICE versions aside from a few minor changes. It also uses a 50kWh battery pack and a 136 horsepower electric motor. The powertrain is capable of rapid charging allowing the battery to be recharged to 80% in just 30 minutes. According to Peugeot, the e-2008 has an electric range of 311 km under the WLPT tests.