Not even Porsche is immune from the ongoing Ukraine-Russia

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia is causing plenty of problems for Europe. Aside from the fact that it’s wreaking havoc in the region, it’s also posing a big problem for automakers across the Old Continent.

Recently, Porsche suspended production of both the Macan and Panamera at its Leipzig factory. According to a report by Automotive News Europe, the problem was caused by supply chain issues that stemmed from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Apparently, Porsche, along with Skoda, gets their supply of wiring harnesses from western Ukraine. But ever since Russia began invading Ukraine, supply and delivery have been disrupted.

Porsche halts Macan, Panamera output due to UKR-RUS conflict image

“Further steps will take place in an orderly process. In the coming days and weeks, we will continuously reassess the situation. The degree of impact on our business activities is determined on an ongoing basis by experts in a task force,” said Porsche via an emailed statement to Automotive News.

But what about the production of other models like the 911 and Taycan? Fortunately, Porsche said that production at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen factory remains unaffected for now.

With Porsche being forced to halt production until the end of next week due to supply chain issues, customers who ordered a Macan or Panamera will have to wait a little longer. Given the severity of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, however, waiting for your brand new car to arrive amidst an ongoing war should be the least of your worries.