The current-generation Audi R8 was only introduced back in the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Since then, Audi has been slowly shifting its focus to their next-generation products such as electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids alongside the cleaner internal-combustion models. In fact, they have even also began developing their own cleaner fuels. That said, the future of the brand's flagship sports car looks grim as reports have mentioned that the current R8 might be the last.

During an interview with Car and Driver, Audi R&D Boss Peter Mertens said that there are currently no plans to replace the R8 after its life cycle. However, don't expect the R8 to bow out just yet. The second-generation R8 is only three years old and Audi has just revealed the rear-wheel drive only R8 RWS recently. It was also mentioned that a V6-powered R8 is also in the pipeline.

“It has a long life, and it’s doing okay,” said Mertens regarding the R8. But when asked about it no longer having a successor, he replied “I would say so.”

It is no surprise as to why Audi might be considering to kill off their flagship supercar. Underneath the body work, the R8 is essentially a Lamborghini Huracan, sharing the same floorpan, rear bulkhead, V10 engine and transmission. Essentially, two cars are doing the same job for the Volkswagen Group, with one doing better than the other.

With the looming possibility of the Audi R8's discontinuation, now might be a good time to buy one if you've ever dreamed of owning an R8. 

Source: Car and Driver