There are some important life skills that schools don't teach us, like how to file our taxes, register an SSS number, as well as other important work/life duties. Most schools also don't teach us the basics of road safety and the basic traffic rules and regulations as well. The lack of such knowledge is one of the reasons why both drivers and pedestrians get into road accidents and mishaps.

However, that could soon change thanks to a newly proposed Senate Bill. Senator Bong Revilla Jr. recently filed Senate Bill 451 or “An act requiring the teaching of basic road safety and comprehensive driver's education as part of the curriculum of the K-12 program, and for other purposes.”

Under the proposed bill, the Department of Education (DepEd) will coordinate with the Department of Transportation (DoTr), Land Transportation Office (LTO), University of the Philippines National Center for Transportation Studies, and other road safety advocates and organizations to develop a basic road safety curriculum for students.

The curriculum shall include “the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians and commuters in their use of all types of road transportation, road awareness, road signage, and responsible commuting, as well as, driving rules and regulations, driving courtesy, driving safety, road hazards, and vehicle safety features.”

“It is alarming to note that a lot of adults today have little or no knowledge of basic road safety and traffic rules and regulations,” said Senator Bong Revilla. “It is high time, therefore, that we address this deficiency and drive towards safer roads by producing more well-rounded individuals thereby increasing also the safety and efficiency of road traffic,” he adds.

Should the new bill be acted into law, the funds needed to implement it will be sourced from the Road Safety Fund of the Motor Vehicle User's Charge (MVUC) that vehicle owners pay to the LTO.

Considering the number of accidents that occur daily, making the younger generation more informed about traffic rules and regulation will certainly help them be more aware when on the road be it as a pedestrian or a motorist.