Remember when Suzuki revealed a pick-up truck version of the Jimny?

Revealed during the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon, Suzuki essentially turned the mini 4x4 into a single cab pick-up complete with a bed at the back. While it doesn’t have the biggest of beds, it does make for a practical and capable ‘ute’ for those that prefer to haul stuff in a Jimny.

However, it looks like the automaker has no plans of actually making the Jimny Sierra pick-up a reality. But that hasn’t stopped a Suzuki dealership in New Zealand from making one. This is no simple conversion too, as the dealership that made it even offers it with a warranty and everything you need to haul your gear.

Would you buy this Suzuki Jimny pick-up for PhP 1.1 million? image

The rear end essentially has been replaced by a small deck that has collapsible sides (making it a dropside pick-up), while the interior’s rear has been tidied up and covered up nicely. It’s not exactly factory-made, but it looks like the dealership knows what it’s doing as the conversion of the Jimny looks proper. Other changes the dealership made to the Jimny include the black-painted steel wheels that replaced the standard alloy wheels.

Since the pick-up is meant for hauling stuff, this particular Jimny only comes with the bare necessities. It has a 2-DIN sound system instead of a touchscreen, manual air-conditioning, urethane steering wheel, halogen headlights instead of LED units, and a five-speed manual gearbox.

Would you buy this Suzuki Jimny pick-up for PhP 1.1 million? image

Under the hood remains the 1.5-liter four-cylinder K15B. No mechanical changes here as the 4x4 still produces 100 PS and 130 Nm of torque.

How much will this mini pick-up truck set you back? It’s not exactly cheap as it costs NZD 37,790, (about PhP 1.121 million). At that price, it’s nearly as expensive the GL A/T sold locally but with fewer seats.

Would you buy this Suzuki Jimny pick-up for PhP 1.1 million? image

So it’s not exactly affordable and offers less hauling space than what a typical pick-up truck might offer. But can other pick-up trucks be as quirky as this?

Source: Driven New Zealand