IPC welcomes Velocity Motor Sales Corporation as part of the Isuzu family

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is nearing its goal of having 50 dealerships in the country.

This was recently made possible after IPC solidified its partnership with Velocity Motors Sales Corporation (VMSC), the company that will manage the soon-to-open Isuzu Subic. The two parties held the contract signing ceremony virtually today, in view of the ongoing pandemic.

Isuzu Subic to become the company

Representing VMSC during the virtual contract signing were Jason Hao, president and director; and Jeffrey Hao Lin, fellow director in VMSC. Meanwhile, Hajime Koso, president of IPC, represented the Japanese automaker.

“IPC officially welcomes Velocity Motors Sales Corporation to our growing network. As you may all know, we are on our 'road to 50 dealerships' and today seals our 47th outlet nationwide. We have been wanting to further establish our presence in Zambales so thank you to Velocity Motors for partnering with us in capturing the market and being part of our expansion project. We are committed to continuously provide the best products and services in our new home in Subic,” Koso.

“Isuzu is without a doubt the undisputed number one brand for trucks and equally successful in the SUV and pickup segments. At Velocity Motors, we choose to invest only in the best and IPC is such in its circle of competence,” added Jeffrey Hao Lin of VMSC.

Isuzu Subic to become the company

The upcoming Isuzu Subic dealership will cover a total of 3,799 square meters and will be located at Block 3, Rizal Highway, Subic Gateway District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales. Like other Isuzu dealerships, the Subic location will feature the brand's Isuzu Outlet Standard (IOS). In addition, the Subic dealership will have a display showroom, parts warehouse, 1,380-square meter service workshop for both light and commercial vehicles, and a dedicated 1,518-square meter off-site space with a preparation bay, paint booth, and body repair.

Isuzu Subic to become the company

“Subic is primed to become the most competitive international services and logistic center in Southeast Asia, continuously leading to be one of the country’s major economic engines receiving numerous investment projects. Despite some unrealized revenue targets as a result of the pandemic, the city remains thriving especially its trading and shipment industries,” added Koso.