New pick-up is on Changan’s horizon

We recently broke news on Geely’s new brand Radar and its new electric pick-up called the RD6. With the Chinese car company targeting a younger, emission-conscious market, other companies are wanting a piece of the pie as well. 

Heavily covered in camouflage, Changan has teased a pick-up of their own. The creative design of the camouflage moves words into a V shape and pays homage to the Chinese company’s logo. Some of the words also read out as Off-road, Technology, Freedom, and Future which were all in Chinese. They are pointing out the potential market for the vehicle and give us hints that this truck may be carrying an all-electric or hybrid motor with it.

This Changan pick-up wants to take on Geely's RD6 image

In China, Changan sells trucks under the Kaicene brand and recently has expanded into passenger vehicles. Kaicene has a pickup in its lineup called the F70 or internationally known as the Changan Hunter. With the knowledge from this venture, we may start seeing more of the pick-up as the months go along.

This Changan pick-up wants to take on Geely's RD6 image

The Kaicene F70 by Changan

The pickup is quite huge and bulky with a high hood line and wide wheel arches. There looks also to be big and blocky headlights on the front face. We can also see door handles, small side mirrors, and a small wheel and tire combination which is highlighted due to the high ground clearance and is poised to be a mid-sized looking truck. 

With their work with Kaicene, the pick-up is expected to come in a hybrid system with a 2.0-liter petrol engine which could push out 233 PS and 390 Nm of torque. The engine will be exclusively designed by Changan themselves and will also feature other technologies like adaptive cruise control and a self-parking system as well as other driver aids. 

This Changan pick-up wants to take on Geely's RD6 image

With the younger market wanting to go off-road nowadays, Chinese car makers are starting to unveil offerings to carve out their ownership of that market. We are still hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that these models make their way to our local streets as we also have a young and off-road crazy market as well.