First images and details of high-riding Toyota Century revealed

After all the rumors and teasers, Toyota has indeed revealed a new Century luxury vehicle. Don't try to adjust your screens or monitors, what you're seeing right now is the SUV version of the all-new Toyota Century.

That's right, there is now a high-riding version of the Toyota Century, and the company is already accepting (domestic) orders in Japan before its official launch later this year. But before purists and enthusiasts pick up their pitchforks, Toyota has already announced that the sedan version will still be available to loyal customers.

Toyota Century SUV image

With an emphasis on showing “chauffeur-driven car proportions”, the new Century SUV features a distinct exterior design that blends classic grandeur looks with modern aesthetics. Described by the automaker as having a “majestic and dignified” body design, it features a Rolls-Royce Cullinan-like profile with its distinct roofline & beltline.

The front fascia is dominated by a pair of unique LED headlights and the signature grille design that has become synonymous with the Century nameplate. Over to the side, passengers are greeted by a pair of flowing door panels, along with large alloy wheels. While the doors themselves do not open suicide-style, their large size emphasizes the aforementioned chauffeur-driven car proportions of the Century SUV.

Toyota Century SUV image

In addition, Toyota says the rear doors open to a wide 75-degree angle for ease of ingress/egress. There are also retractable power steps to aid passengers who may have difficulty entering or exiting the vehicle. Last but not least are the huge LED taillights at the back which look similar to the ones used on the Century sedan.

Size-wise, the Century SUV is 5205mm long, 1990mm wide, 1805mm tall, and has a 2950mm wheelbase. This makes the high-riding version slightly shorter in length (and wheelbase) but is wider and taller. For reference, the sedan measures 5335mm long, 1930mm wide, 1505mm tall, and has a longer 3090mm wheelbase.

Toyota Century SUV image

Hop inside and the Century SUV greets its passengers with fully reclining rear seats wrapped in exquisite leather upholstery. Don't expect to find a rear bench in the Century SUV as it can only accommodate two rear passengers thanks to a large center console. The exact amenities and features of the rear occupants have yet to be revealed. However, we can expect features like massage seats, heated/ventilated seating, a mini fridge/mini bar, as well as a rear entertainment system.

In the driver's seat, the cockpit gets a fully digital instrument cluster along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Much like the badges on the exterior, the center cap on the steering wheel shows the engraved phoenix emblem which signifies the Century's heritage. There's also a large touchscreen at the center, LED ambient lighting on the door panels, a unique center console with an electro-mechanical gear selector, and dozens of buttons that serve a purpose inside the vehicle.

Toyota Century SUV image

Under the hood, the Century SUV is powered by a 2GR-FXS3.5-liter V6 plug-in hybrid system that Toyota claims will deliver both “a powerful and exhilarating drive while retaining the quiet driving suitable for a Century”. Since it's essentially the same powertrain as the one found in the Lexus TX, the powertrain puts out 412 PS. It is then mated to an E-CVT and E-Four AWD system that's aided by a rear electric motor.

The powertrain is then complemented by four-wheel steering called Dynamic Rear Steering which improves handling at slow speeds and provides seamless, natural handling at medium to high speeds. There's also a Rear Comfort mode that supports the driver's control of the vehicle to ensure a comfortable ride for passengers in the rear. This special mode also assists in braking control to suppress jolts when the vehicle comes to a standstill.

Toyota Century SUV image

The lucky few who will be able to afford the Toyota Century SUV will be happy to know that customers will be able to fully customize the body color and the interior to their liking. Plans will also be available for a one-of-a-kind Century that will be offered in the future.

The new Toyota Century is now available with a base price of JPY 25,000,000 (or around PHP 9.6 million) and will be made at the company's Tahara plant. Toyota expects to have a base sales volume of around 30 units per month.