Toyota says EPB recall only affecting Australia for now

A few days ago, Toyota Australia announced a safety recall affecting a select number of Corolla Cross vehicles. The automaker said that a total of 1,285 vehicles are involved in the Australian market and are produced between February 2022 and April 2023.

Toyota said that there's a possibility that the brake actuator assembly on affected vehicles may falsely detect an overcurrent condition of the electronic parking brake (EPB) actuator and enter a failsafe mode. This mode lights up the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), displays the message “Parking Brake Malfunction, Visit Your Dealer” on the multi-information display (MID), and prevents the EPB from being engaged or disengaged.

If the EPB cannot be activated and the EPB MIL and MID warnings are ignored, vehicles parked on an incline without being set to “Park” could roll away, increasing the risk of a crash. Toyota Australia is already busy contacting affected customers and will fix the problem free of charge.

Toyota Corolla Cross brake recall: PH customers not affected image

With the safety issue affecting Australia, we asked our contacts at Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) if there are any Corolla Cross models affected in the country. Fortunately, TMP said no units in the country are part of the EPB recall. That's because local models don't actually come with an EPB. Instead, the Corolla Cross vehicles sold here come with a foot parking brake.

If you're one of the many owners of the Toyota Corolla Cross in the country, you can be assured that your vehicle will not roll away.