Thailand to get first dibs on the GR Corolla in ASEAN market

Unveiled earlier this year for the North American and Japanese markets, the Toyota GR Corolla is the only remaining Gazoo Racing model that's yet to arrive in the ASEAN region. But that's about to change before the year ends.

Toyota GR Corolla making ASEAN market debut this year image

According to a reliable Thai media source, the bigger, more powerful, all-wheel-drive sibling of the WRC-conquering GR Yaris is set to be launched this year in Thailand. While the specific date has not been confirmed, it could be during the 2022 Thailand International Motor Expo. The arrival of the GR Corolla also coincides with the celebration of Toyota Thailand's 60th anniversary, so there's also a possibility that the Japanese manufacturer will hold its launch during the festivities.

Unlike the Toyota GR Yaris homologation special that is only limited to 25,000 units, the Japanese manufacturer has yet to announce a production cap for the GR Corolla, and they intend to offer the five-door hot hatch globally.

Toyota GR Corolla making ASEAN market debut this year image

According to our media source, around 10 units of the GR Corolla could be allocated for the Thai market. We're yet to see if the number will already be a yearly allocation or just for its initial launch. While that may seem a bit low, we should take into consideration that car manufacturers are still dealing with parts and chip shortages, plus the fact that Toyota is supplying the global market with GR Corollas made at the sole GR Factory in Motomachi.

With the GR Corolla entering the ASEAN region, the next question now is will the Philippines get the hot hatch? For now, nothing has been confirmed yet. But since Toyota Motor Philippines is doing a major push for GR models with the entire lineup of the GR86, GR Yaris, and GR Supra available in the country, there's a good possibility that we'll see the GR Corolla here in the future. As to when, how much, and how many, only time will tell.