The Toyota GR Yaris now retails for PHP 2.740M

One of the most sought-after models from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is the GR Yaris. At its launch last year, it had an SRP of PHP 2,650,000. For those that could afford it, the price of this turbocharged, all-wheel-drive performance vehicle is tempting.

A recent check of the TMP website shows that the company decided to increase the price of the GR Yaris for 2022. It now retails for PHP 2,740,000 – an increase of PHP 90,000. But wait, why increase the price; aren’t all models already allocated? With the price increase, it seems like there could be a second batch of GR Yaris models arriving in the country.

Considering how popular the model is, we’re not surprised TMP decided to bring another batch. The first batch, which consists of around 130+ units, sold out once order books were opened. Dealers were even told to stop accepting reservations for the model. There’s no word yet when the second batch will arrive but we suspect dealers are now accepting orders once more.

An insider previously told us that the Asia Pacific region will have only 700 units of the GR Yaris in total. More importantly, the Philippines will have the bulk of the allocation with around 130+ units. Since it is a homologation model, Toyota will only build limited units of the GR Yaris globally. According to our understanding of FIA rules, the automaker has to build about 2,500 units in total. Should the second batch arrive with around the same number of units or more, our market could have one of the biggest allocations of the GR Yaris in Asia.

If you’re interested in the GR Yaris, why not contact a Toyota dealership near you. They might still have an allocation. But if you're not yet sure, you can read our review of it here. Hopefully, that can help with your decision.