Toyota says they will fix affected vehicles at no cost to its customers

It seems Toyota's woes with recalls aren't over yet. After issuing a recall for the RAV4 and Lexus NX over a stability control issue, Toyota Motor Philippines has issued a similar recall involving the Land Cruiser 300 (LC 300) and the Lexus LX 600.

Based on the recall notice (AKA special service campaign) they submitted to the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), the automaker has expanded the number of cars affected by the aforementioned stability control issue. From the initial 132 units from the RAV4 and NX, the list has now grown to an additional 626 examples; 615 from the LC 300 and 11 from the LX 600.

As a result, there are now a total of 758 Toyotas that are affected by the stability control problem. Like the RAV4 and NX, the Land Cruiser and LX have an issue with the Skid Control ECU of the vehicle stability control. Due to incorrect programming of the software, the VSC might not return to the default 'ON' setting the next time the driver starts the vehicle. The problem can happen if the driver turns off the VSC and the ignition is turned off and then turned back on while the brake pedal is still depressed.

Toyota PH recalls LC 300, Lexus LX due to stability control issue image

With the VSC turned off while driving, it can increase the risk of a crash should something happen. The VSC serves as an important safety feature that works automatically to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle during tricky steering maneuvers. It can also help prevent oversteer and understeer, and even reduce the risk of a rollover.

TMP will fix the issue affecting LC 300 and LX 600 owners by reprogramming the brake actuator ECU at no cost to customers. Affected customers will only have to bring their vehicles to the nearest Toyota dealership in order to get them checked and/or fixed.

If you recently became the owner of a brand new LC 300 or Lexus LX 600, better head on to your preferred Toyota dealership or at Lexus Manila in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and have your vehicle checked for the VSC issue.