Remember when Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) announced that they will start car leasing? Well TMP will be introducing it very soon. TMP is planning to make car leasing and car-sharing available after the automaker announced that they will begin a pilot program of Kinto.

Kinto serves as Toyota's vehicle subscription program which will allow customers to lease or 'share' cars with other users. With it, clients can drive a new car without actually having to own one. There are no specifics yet as to what lease or time-sharing programs will be on offer by TMP. What they can tell us is that it can be paid via a monthly fee.

Customers can choose the length of the term that they prefer, pay the initial fees, collect the car, and drive home. Apart from leasing, Kinto also has car-sharing services. This allows customers to have a specific car for a specific amount of time that is shared with others.

A total of four models will be part of the pilot program, with Metro Manila dealerships to become part of the initial tests as well. TMP said that within this month, they plan to begin pilot tests for Kinto. More details regarding the said program will be revealed soon.

With the Philippines still struggling from the COVID-19 pandemic, and car buyers opting to go for the best deals in buying a brand new car, TMP's Kinto might serve as the better alternative amid cash-strapped buyer that wish to drive a car.