LB restyles Jimny and Mercedes G Class as if they were twins

We have to hand it to Liberty Walk: this Japanese company knows how to make awesome body kits, the kind that ends up taking the limelight at car meets and custom car shows.

Under their LB Works brand, they have released some of the wildest kits that trick out luxury cars and even exotics like McLarens and Ferraris. Under their LB Nation brand, they also come out with cool kits and styling options for more “regular” cars like the Toyota Prius, 86, or even vans like the Nissan NV350 and Toyota Hiace. 

Yesterday, Liberty Walk released images of two new kits for two very different (but very similar-looking) SUVs: the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, as well as the hotly anticipated Suzuki Jimny. This is the first time that Liberty Walk has come out with kits for SUVs. 

Yes, Liberty Walk treated the two like twins (from different parents) and came out with near identical kits, albeit in different scales of course.

Liberty Walk GWagen, Jimney 

The kit for the G-Class is branded under LB Works, and really takes the classic (but modern) look of the SUV to a different level, albeit more for street use. LB Works didn't really describe the kit in detail (or at all), but from what we can see, the kit for the G 63 AMG includes the wider wheel wells, a carbon hood with an air scoop, an LB grill, and other cosmetic accessories.

We actually can't be sure, but the tub roof appears to have been covered in full. Moreover, the cover comes with a spoiler and a front visor that has LED lights. The wheels are also larger and wider than stock, and appear to come with highway tires instead of all-terrain rubber.

For the new generation Suzuki Jimny, the kit is called OEP 222 by Liberty Walk, though the other name is more interesting: the G mini. The kit closely mimics the modifications made for the G 63 meaning it has a similar aero carbon hood, similar flares, the LB grill, and a similar roof cover with the spoiler and visor. The LB nation kit appears to include a bumper that looks almost exactly the same as the one on the G 63. Like the G-Class, this G mini/Jimny appears to ride on bigger wheels with street tires.

Liberty Walk hasn't released the pricing of the kits on their site, but we wouldn't be surprised if we see the kits become very popular (or widely imitated) around the world.