Mitsubishi reveals the sleek and sporty Vision Ralliart Concept

In late November, Mitsubishi officially brought back the Ralliart brand in Thailand. But instead of offering performance goodies, the Ralliart name returned as an accessories package for select vehicles like the Montero Sport and Strada pick-up truck. From special decals, bumper garnishes, blacked-out alloy wheels, and red mudflaps, the resurrected Ralliart name is a far cry from its predecessor.

Then in December Mitsubishi announced that it will be revealing a Ralliart Concept car at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. Not much was revealed except for a lone teaser photo which showed the vehicle’s sporty rear bumper with an integrated diffuser and Ralliart badge. Interestingly, the design of it reminds us of the Lancer Evolution X’s factory rear bumper.

Fast forward to the present, and Mitsubishi has released the first images and details of the Ralliart Concept just days before the start of the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. Officially called the Vision Ralliart Concept, Mitsubishi says it embodies the company’s expression for new Ralliart vehicles. It also brings together the automaker’s engineering and passion for ‘Monozukuri’ (craftsmanship) challenges.

Vision Ralliart Concept is Mitsubishi

While it might be no ‘Evo’, the concept looks sleek and badass. Thanks to its distinct aero kit, muscular curves, and widebody stance, the Ralliart Vision Concept is no ordinary crossover. It also has a bold front grille with a radiator shutter for improved aerodynamics, as well as a large rear diffuser that is reminiscent of race car designs - further emphasizing its sporty nature.

Also worth mentioning is the vehicle’s matte black body color with blue highlights. Paired with the concept’s aggressive looks along with the massive 22-inch alloy wheels, and the Ralliart Vision Concept gets a more radical look and feel.

The exact specifications of its powertrain were not revealed in detail. However, Mitsubishi did say that it has powerful torque from its motors which means this is an electric vehicle (EV). The automaker even said that it’s set to “elevate acceleration, cornering, and braking to a higher level”.

With the Vision Ralliart Concept unveiled, it looks like Mitsubishi is looking at capitalizing on using the Ralliart name for its future models. Heck, we won’t be surprised if Mitsubishi will actually use it in branding its high-performance EVs in the coming years.

What do you think of the Vision Ralliart Concept? Does it really show the future of Ralliart or is Mitsubishi merely trying to attract attention by using the famous name? Share your thoughts in the comment section.