Could Volkswagen actually make an SUV twin of the Ford Everest twin based on Amarok pickup truck?

We all know that the all-new Ford Ranger and second-generation Volkswagen Amarok are related. That's because the two automakers forged an alliance to develop and build commercial vehicles.

That means aside from pickup trucks, they are also busy collaborating in making commercial vans. Heck, the two brands are also collaborating on EVs and even came up with the Ford Explorer EV which shares the same platform as the Volkswagen ID.4.

However, we've always wondered if Volkswagen has any plans on making an SUV version of the Amarok, just like what Ford does with the Ranger-based Everest. We need not look far as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' Head of Design Albert Kirzinger came up with that exact idea.

Recently, the designer posted an image on his LinkedIn profile of a design sketch of what appears to be an Amarok-based SUV. According to Kirzinger's post, they were exploring design ideas for the Amarok and a member of his team by the name of Simon T. Gorski sketched out an Amarok with a “fully-closed pickup bed” that's ready for rugged adventures. We used quotation marks in the previous sentence because despite what Kirzinger described as a fully closed pickup bed, the sketch itself somehow looks different.

VW Amarok-based SUV render looks like Ford Everest's twin image

Second-generation Volkswagen Amarok based on the all-new Ford Ranger

Unlike a regular pickup truck with a covered bed at the back, the sketch Kirzinger posted looks more like a truck-based SUV given the seamless roofline and shortened rear quarter panels. There's also the fact that the rear overhangs are as short as the ones found on the front. Most pickup trucks have longer rear overhangs to accommodate the large bed. Last but not least is the short wheelbase and the use of what looks like bigger rear doors.

With Volkswagen Commercial's Head of Design having already a design sketch for such a vehicle, does this mean the automaker actually plans on making it a reality? Unfortunately, the sketch will remain just that, a render. While Kirzinger refused to elaborate that such a vehicle might happen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Board Member for Marketing Lars Krause said in 2022 that while the idea has been floating around, the company states that “the setup of the pickup is currently best-delivering value to our customers”.

With the prospects of the Ford Everest having a twin in the form of an Amarok-based SUV just a mere sketch, we can only imagine what would it eventually look like should Volkswagen change its mind and decide to make it happen.