Wald International transforms Suzuki Jimny into a little, mean G-Class Squared

You've probably noticed it several times over, but it's no secret that the all-new Suzuki Jimny looks a lot like Mercedes' G-Class Squared. In fact, some tuners have already released bodykits that make the Jimny look like a miniature G-Class.

Famous Japanese tuner Wald International is known for making bodykits for premium cars suchs as BMW, Mercedes-Benz imports or Lexus vehicles. Normally, something as humble as a Jimny wouldn't really get their attention. However, the Jimny has been such a popular model that they decided to take a stab at it.

Looking at Wald's latest build, it's no surprise that the tuning house took some styling cues from Mercedes-AMG itself.

Say hello to the Black Bison Jimny Edition, a murdered-out special edition that essentially makes the mini 4x4 resemble the hardcore Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4².

Right off the bat, the Black Bison special gets a distinct gray and black exterior finish that is spruced up by splashes of red accents that can be seen on the stylish alloy wheels and aggressive-looking front bumper with built-in LED illumination. Then there's the new hood with a huge scoop, new ten-slot front grill, roof-mounted auxiliary LED lights, and the wide fender flares that house chunky off-road tires.

Look sinister and cool in Suzuki Jimny Black Bison from Wald

Changes at the back were subtle however as it only consisted of minor styling upgrades. These include the new taillight housings finished in black, new rear spare tire carrier cover, blacked-out door hinges, and a new roof-mounted spoiler.

It may not have the raw power and high-tech 4x4 capabilities as its German counterpart, but Wald's Black Bison Jimny does still make for a mean off-roader thanks to Wald's unique upgrades.

Sure, some may call Wald's new styling kit as a ripoff of sorts of the G500 4x4², but the company does get their inspiration from Mercedes-AMG when they make their tricked-out rides. Heck, even Wald International's logo is an adaptation of the Afflaterbach-based tuner's logo.

Perhaps imitation is indeed, the sincerest form of flattery.