Honda PH could be gearing up to launch 2023 Civic Type R

Honda has already taken the camouflage off the next-generation Civic Type R and previewed what to expect from their latest hot hatch ahead of its official launch. While the automaker has yet to reveal details about its performance, they are claiming the latest model as its most powerful and fastest factory Civic Type R yet.

We can (almost) confirm 2023 Honda Civic Type R for PH image

The FL5's record-breaking lap times in world circuits already speak for its capability as a hot hatch. One question still remains, and it's what local Honda fans are begging to ask: Will the next-generation Civic Type R be sold here in the Philippines?

Well, we may already have the answer, and it's not from a salesperson. We received a piece of information that Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has already received government certification for a vehicle with an engine displacement of 1996cc.

Upon crunching the numbers (including the declared vehicle weight), that led us to the K20 engine line.

We can (almost) confirm 2023 Honda Civic Type R for PH image

In Honda's current lineup, only two models have that engine: the Accord and the current-generation FK8 Civic Type R. The next generation CR-V also has a 2.0L in hybrid form, but the displacement is not exactly 1996cc.

Automakers can also apply for government agency certifications whenever there's a significant change in a current model's drivetrain, so we took that into consideration. But in Honda's case, they are unlikely to introduce a new update for the Accord because there's not much volume in executive saloons and its next-generation model is further down the line. That gave us good reason to believe that the vehicle is the FL5 Civic Type R. 

Of course Honda won't confirm this just yet, but the engine displacement and curb weight definitely point to the upcoming hot hatch as the closest candidate. As to when it will arrive is anyone's guess. The world's automakers are still struggling with parts shortage and supply chain issues. So for now, let's just enjoy the possibility that we could see the all-new Type R in the flesh soon.