Ever since the current-generation Suzuki Jimny came out in late 2018, tuning shops just can't get their hands off of it. Jimny fever isn't showing any signs of slowing down, and tuning shop DAMD, just came up with two new kits for it as well.

If the name DAMD sounds familiar to some, that's because they're one of the first to come up with kits for the diminutive 4x4. Yes, they're the ones responsible for the Little D and Little G. The Little D gets some cues from the Land Rover Defender, while the Little G takes some inspiration from the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

So what have DAMD done this time? They've gone all retro with what they call the Dronco and The Roots.


If you haven't guessed it from the name, the Dronco (in blue) is inspired by the first generation Ford Bronco with the look of the classic 4x4 grafted on to the Jimny. There's the vented grill painted in white, a slim steel bumper inspired by SUVs from the 60's and 70's, skid plate, and white steel wheels, just to name a few. Two-tone paint adds to the retro vibe, while the circular tail lights are another classic touch. Last but not least are the protective moldings on its flanks, completing the Bronco homage.


As for The Roots, it's more of a classic Jimny tribute (hence, The Roots). Much like the Dronco, it has a two-tone paint finish plus front and rear steel bumpers. The difference here is, it has a totally different grill with larger oval openings and they even went as far as repositioning the turn signals to make it look more like the first generation model. Black steel rims are part of the package, along with hood straps. Expect both this and the Dronco to have a retrofied interior.

With these two kits, we're not expecting the modding craze for the Jimny to slow down any time soon. In fact, we're looking forward to more of then, and we bet we'll be seeing a lot more in years to come.