New WRX sedan and wagon still slated for Q3 launch

There is no doubt that the most awaited Subaru is always the WRX.

Yes, a lot of customers do gravitate towards the SUVs like the XV and Forester, while the hardcore fans want nothing less than the STI. But when it comes to it, many of us still really like the WRX. It has a pliant ride, it's got power, and has the practicality of a sedan. And now, there's a new-generation model that Subaru is prepping for the local launch.

In December 2021, Motor Image boss Glenn Tan announced the all-new Subaru WRX will be launched in the Philippines this year. He even gave a month (June) and stated that both sedan and wagon variants will be available.

Now we've got more details. For one, the WRX is on schedule for the June launch. Tan says the vehicle will be delivered to eager customers in Q3.

We know that both the WRX sedan and WRX wagon will come with the new generation 2.4-liter turbocharged boxer engine that makes 275 PS and 350 Nm of torque. But what enthusiasts and customers really want to know is the list of transmissions.

When Subaru launches the WRX wagon in the Philippines, it will only come with the 8-speed CVT. That's actually expected because foreign examples only have that option. The sedan, on the other hand, has two: the 8-speed CVT and the 6-speed manual. And Glenn Tan just confirmed that both of those versions will be available in the Philippine market.

What won't be coming is the STI though. Subaru Corporation has decided to discontinue the STI for this generation of the WRX. The reason is that they are evaluating their options for the engine. As you know, the engine of the phased-out STI wasn't part of the newer FA or FB series boxer engines; it was still an EJ.

So for now, the STI will skip this generation of WRX. We may even see a hybrid STI in the future. But still, we're excited to try out the all-new WRX. Hopefully, it will live up to the hype.