Your next taxi ride in Cebu could come in a Toyota Innova or Hiace

The next time you're going to hail a taxi in Cebu, don't be surprised to see a Toyota Hiace (or Innova) coming your way.

In its commitment to support the government's Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), Ogre Transport Incorporated (OTI), together with Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), launched a fleet of new Silver and Gold premium taxis comprised of Toyota's popular people movers.

You can now hitch a ride on a Toyota Hiace taxi in Cebu image

Instead of sedans as their new Silver and Gold taxi service, Ogre Transport Incorporated revealed a fleet of 100 Innovas and 50 Hiace vans. The Innova vans will serve as the brand's Silver line of taxis while the bigger Hiace Commuter Deluxe units will be OTI's Gold service fleet.

Present during the event were key officials from TMP, OTI as well as the LTFRB. These included OTI president Dave Lim, LTFRB Regional Director (Ret.) Col. Eduardo C. Montealto Jr., and representatives from Toyota Mabolo.

You can now hitch a ride on a Toyota Hiace taxi in Cebu image

“It is of great honor that we were chosen by Ogre Premium Taxi as their partner in mobility in bringing a new riding experience to the public,” said Phillip Lo, president of Toyota Mabolo.

If you happen to be in Cebu and are looking for a big vehicle to fit your friends and family, be on the lookout for OTI's fleet of Silver and Gold Innova/Hiace vans.