SEAOIL kicks off sixth edition of lifetime free gas promo for customers

Enduring the current trend of prices of fuel has been difficult for all motorists. Thankfully for loyal (and lucky) SEAOIL customers, there’s a way through: LFG!

For the sixth consecutive year, SEAOIL is kicking off the Lifetime Free Gas (LFG) promo for customers. Yes, that’s right: you can win a lifetime’s supply of free fuel!

SEAOIL will give three lucky customers PHP 5,000 of free fuel per month, for life. But that’s not all: start fueling up at any SEAOIL station nationwide and enter those promo codes via SMS or via SEAOIL also has some amazing prizes like a PHP 10 per liter exclusive price on PriceLOCQ for 9 winners and 3 TNVS/Delivery partners for a period of 1 year (with a cap of 50 liters per month). There will also be SEAOIL and PriceLOCQ vouchers and instant prizes up for grabs!

Joining the Lifetime Free Gas promo couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is be a licensed driver in the Philippines, be at least 18 years old, and purchase at least PHP 500 worth of fuel (single or accumulated receipts) from SEAOIL during the promo period and you’ll receive one coupon with a promo code to enter.

Actually, fueling up is not the only way: because SEAOIL cares, customers can get bonus promo codes in a variety of ways. Are you a driver or rider for a partner TNVS or delivery company? SEAOIL will give you one extra promo code for every entry you make at If you’re a PriceLOCQ app user, you also get 2 promo codes for every 10 liters of any SEAOIL fuel you purchase (single or accumulated receipts).

Are you changing the oil in your car? For every 1 liter of SEAOIL lubricant purchased at any station, you get a coupon. That means if you do a 4L change oil, you get 4 coupons with promo codes.

So, come November 14, 2022, the promo will run until February 13, 2023, and will have three draws on December 14, January 16, and February 14.

To know more about the sixth edition of SEAOIL’s Lifetime Free Gas promo, visit their Facebook page and read all the details on their website. No one else does a promo like this whether here, or anywhere else in the world. Only with SEAOIL!