Only 333 examples of the last Aston Martin V12 Vantage will be built

As electrification continues to take over the automotive industry, supercars of the not-so-distant future will most likely come with some form of electric assist. Take for example Lamborghini who recently confirmed that their next-generation supercars (and sports cars) will all be electrified by 2024.

While this is the direction most automakers and sports car makers are headed, that doesn't mean the good ol' internal combustion engine (ICE) will go quietly into the night. Enter the 2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage, a fitting finale for one of the brand's most revered models.

2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage rips the road with 700 PS image

Billed as the fastest, fiercest, and most dynamically accomplished of all the Vantages, the new twelve-cylinder beast will serve as the final time a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 will be fitted on a Vantage. Cranking out an impressive 700 PS at 6500 rpm and 753 Nm of torque from 1800 to 6000 RPM, the V12 Vantage combines low-end muscular torque with searing top-end power. All that output is fed through an 8-speed automatic transmission with a mechanical limited-slip differential mounted to the rear of the car.

Since it only tips the scales at 1,795 kg, Aston Martin claims the V12 Vantage has a power-to-weight ratio of 390 PS per ton, a 20% increase over the V8-powered Vantage. As a result, it can sprint from 0 – 97 km/h in 3.4 seconds and reach a hair-raising top speed of 321 km/h.

2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage rips the road with 700 PS image

The weight reduction was made possible after Aston Martin gave the V12-powered machine a drastic diet. The front bumper, hood, front fenders, and side sills are all made of carbon fiber. It also has a rear bumper and deck lid made from lightweight composite. As an extra measure, engineers also fit a special lightweight battery and a unique center-mounted twin-exhaust system that's made from stainless steel.

Aside from going fast, the V12 Vantage can also stop on a dime thanks to carbon-ceramic brakes (CCB). Unlike conventional disc brakes, CCBs can maintain consistent braking performance at high temperatures as high as 800 degrees Celcius and are designed to resist brake fade. In addition, the carbon-ceramic saves 23kg of unsprung weight.

2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage rips the road with 700 PS image

Complementing the monstrous powertrain is a reworked body. It comes with a front grille that's 25% larger for better engine cooling, a wider bodywork that's been extended by 40mm to accommodate a wide-track chassis, extensive use of carbon fiber to further reduce weight, a new front bumper design with a full-width splitter, and a unique bumper with an integrated diffuser. All of these give the V12 Vantage improved aerodynamics, a lighter curb weight, and a sleeker appearance than the V8 Vantage.

2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage rips the road with 700 PS image

Inside, customers can choose to have Q by Aston Martin completely customize the cabin of the V12 Vantage. From woven leather to Alcantara seat inserts, as well as anodized dials and special colorways, there are plenty of ways to mix-and-match various combinations per vehicle.

Only 333 examples of the all-new Aston Martin V12 Vantage will be built in total, with ordering books already closed due to unprecedented demand. Production is set to begin in early Q1 of 2022 while customer deliveries are scheduled to begin in Q2 this year.