Hyundai reshapes body of 2024 Elantra N

Mere months after showing the facelifted version of the standard Elantra sedan, Hyundai unveils the changes adopted by its performance N sibling at the 2023 Auto Shanghai.

2023 Shanghai: Hyundai bares Elantra N's new edgy design image

The changes are minimal, but they make a huge impact on the face of the Elantra N. It gets new, slimmer headlights and a redesigned grille to match. It still has the N-exclusive red trim running along the bottom of the vehicle, which now has a tiny extension in the middle of the nose. The air intakes are wider now for better engine cooling and a more aggressive look. Hyundai also changed the color of the hood logo to black and now offers two new 19-inch wheel options (a black 10-spoke model and a silver five-spoke version).

There are no details yet about cabin upgrades and amenities, but as with any facelift, manufacturers usually retouch the interior or swap in newer, more high-tech equipment.

2023 Shanghai: Hyundai bares Elantra N's new edgy design image

Will Hyundai enhance its powertrain? We have not heard a peep from the Korean automaker. But chances are the Elantra N will retain its 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four with 276 PS and 392 Nm of torque. It's also likely to carry over its two transmission options, a six-speed manual, and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

With the reveal of the GAC Empow R coinciding with the arrival of this facelifted Elantra N, the performance sedan segment is quickly becoming an interesting one. Here's to hoping Hyundai Motor Philippines would bring this model to the country.