All-new Kona debuts with EV, ICE, HEV, N-Line variants

Yes, the image you just saw is not photoshopped. Hyundai has incorporated the Staria's face onto the all-new Kona and called it a day.

Hyundai Motor has officially unveiled the second-generation Kona subcompact crossover. With pure combustion, hybrid, and battery-electric variants available, the Kona not just got bigger, but also greener and more futuristic.

2024 Hyundai Kona has the face of Staria image

Speaking of size, the all-new Kona is now 4355 mm long, growing some 150 mm in length compared to the previous generation. In addition, it's also 25 mm wider, and the wheelbase has been stretched a further 60 mm. As a result, the Kona has become slightly bigger than the Creta and is closer in size to the Geely Coolray.

The Korean manufacturer says they followed a different path when it comes to designing the all-new Kona. Instead of the usual adoption of an electric architecture to an existing ICE platform, Hyundai chose to design the Kona EV first, then applied the look to the other variants.

2024 Hyundai Kona has the face of Staria image

At the front is the all-familiar front fascia design that first made its way to the Staria van, then to the Stargazer. The distinct LED light bar was placed along the edge of the hood while the headlights are on the lower outer corners.

To distinguish the EV from the other variants, the Kona EV features pixel-like elements on its lower front grille, while the rest of the lineup has grille openings for component cooling purposes down below.

2024 Hyundai Kona has the face of Staria image

Moving to its side profile, the all-new Kona features pronounced creases on its fenders and character line to complement its sharp looks. While all the variants look pretty much the same on this side, the electric and N-Line variants were shown to have less body cladding than the pure ICE model.

Meanwhile, the Kona's rear end gets its own distinct light bar treatment that runs across the width of the hatch door. Like the front, the main taillights were placed on the lower corners.

2024 Hyundai Kona has the face of Staria image

Inside, Hyundai says the all-new Kona follows the “21st-century urban design aesthetic”, featuring a combination of white and gray upholstery with silver accents and yellow LED ambient lighting. The dashboard gets a pair of 12.3-inch screens integrated on a single curved bezel. In addition, the Kona now has a column-type shifter to free up additional space for belongings in the central tunnel.

Hyundai did not reveal specific details regarding the Kona's powertrain options but said more information should be available in the coming months.

Should Hyundai PH offer the all-new Kona in the country as a more premium hybrid subcompact? Let us know in the comments.