The 2024 Suzuki Swift is now in Europe after first being available in Japan

Last month, Suzuki revealed the all-new Swift just weeks after the concept version was shown during the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Based on looks alone, there is little to no difference between the production version and the concept. Even the interior looks the same as the concept.

At the time, the next-generation Swift was only available in RHD. Recently, however, Suzuki has revealed the first LHD version of the all-new Swift, and Europe is the first market outside of Japan to get the fourth-generation hatchback.

Europe gets first dibs on left-hand drive 2024 Suzuki Swift image

Just like the one launched in The Land of The Rising Sun, the all-new Swift gets a more angular look but still carries a strong resemblance to its predecessor. From the bold LED headlights and stylish LED taillights, Suzuki went for a more evolutionary redesign instead of a revolutionary one.

Even the sloping roofline, distinct front grille, and stylish hood have been given a mild redesign as well. Perhaps the only drastic change Suzuki made was replacing the pillar-mounted door handles for the rear passengers with traditional ones.

Europe gets first dibs on left-hand drive 2024 Suzuki Swift image

Step inside, and everything remains the same for the Euro-spec Suzuki Swift. These include the new flat-bottom steering wheel, free-standing touchscreen, redesigned gauges on the instrument cluster, the restyled HVAC panel, and an electronic parking brake that replaces the lever-style handbrake.

But as mentioned earlier, it’s worth noting that this is the first time the all-new hatchback is available in a LHD market. This means this is our best look yet at the next-generation PH-spec Suzuki Swift once it’s launched here.

Europe gets first dibs on left-hand drive 2024 Suzuki Swift image

Like the one in Japan, the European Suzuki Swift also gets the electrified 1.2-liter Z12E three-cylinder engine with a 12V mild-hybrid assist via an integrated starter generator (ISG). Suzuki claims the new Z12E engine is highly efficient and provides sufficient torque at low speeds. Meanwhile, the 12V ISG provides quicker acceleration and a more fuel-efficient drive.

Transmission options for now only include a CVT. But based on a press image of the Swift’s cabin, it looks like there will be a manual option for the European market. We won’t be surprised if it will be a 5-speed or a 6-speed manual gearbox.

With the 2024 Suzuki Swift set to go on sale by spring of next year in Europe, it might not be long before other markets like the Philippines get them. Perhaps the only question now is when can we expect it to arrive here?