XL7 Hybrid next on Suzuki PH’s list of electrified vehicles

Yesterday, Suzuki Philippines (SPH) officially entered the electrified era after launching the 2023 Ertiga Hybrid. Serving as the brand’s premier mild-hybrid MPV, the 7-seater is poised to deliver improved fuel economy while also featuring exterior/interior updates and new high-tech features.

But with the Ertiga now benefitting from mild-hybrid technology, could this mean the more rugged XL7 will also be available with an electrified powertrain under the hood? Yes, it will, and it’s supposedly set to arrive later this year.

According to an anonymous source within Suzuki PH, the XL7 Hybrid will be making its local debut this 2023. No exact timeline has been set for its arrival. This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise since the XL7 Hybrid itself has yet to make its regional debut in Southeast Asia. It may launch in Indonesia first before making its way to other ASEAN markets like the Philippines.

After Ertiga, Suzuki PH will also launch XL7 Hybrid image

Once revealed, however, what can we expect from the XL7 Hybrid? We need not look far as Maruti in India has already revealed its closest relative, the XL6 Hybrid. Despite being capable of only seating 6 people (hence its XL6 name), it also comes with the new 1.5-liter K15B four-cylinder engine that’s helped by an integrated starter generator (ISG) and a 12V lithium-ion battery.

Despite making the same figures as the Ertiga Hybrid (103 PS and 138 Nm), the electrified XL6 gets the same fuel-saving features. These include automatic start/stop while idling, regenerative braking, and torque assist that helps deliver faster acceleration while under load.

After Ertiga, Suzuki PH will also launch XL7 Hybrid image

In India, the XL6 can be coupled to either a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual gearbox. Once Suzuki unveils the XL7 Hybrid for ASEAN countries, we can expect it to be only available with the aforementioned 5-speed manual and the 4-speed automatic shared with the Ertiga Hybrid.

With the Ertiga Hybrid set to make waves in the 7-seater compact MPV market, bringing the XL7 Hybrid is the natural decision as more and more automakers are joining the electrification trend. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed we won’t have to wait long for the XL7 Hybrid’s arrival in Southeast Asia, as well as in the Philippine market.