Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso will be limited to 32 units

Fernando Alonso has had a very long and successful career in motorsport. He has been racing at the top tier of motorsport since 2001 for teams like Renault, McLaren, Ferrari. He has 32 race wins to his name, 2 WDC titles and even a 24 hours of Le Mans win with Toyota.

For road cars, there are also some models that not only honor the Spaniard, but have his personal mark when it comes to the dynamics tuning. Renault released the Megane F1 Team in 2006, while Ferrari sold the 599 Alonso Edition while he was with the team. The latest one is from his current team: Alpine F1.

Alpine releases A110 R Fernando Alonso edition image

Alpine, Renault's performance division, has released the special limited edition version of their A110 sports coupe. And as Alpine states, the vehicle has “benefited from the expertise and precious input from the two-time Formula 1 World Champion” Fernando Alonso.

The A110 is very much a modern retro vehicle, one that is heavily inspired by the original Alpine A110 that they made from 1961 to 1977. They reintroduced the nameplate in 2017, and the latest version is the R.

Alpine releases A110 R Fernando Alonso edition image

According to Alpine, the A110 R Fernando Alonso has some design inputs from the champ such as the Racing Matte Blue and Deep Black two-tone color. The orange color on the brake calipers is an homage to Alonso's historic colors, along with the blue-orange-yellow colors that Alonso used.

Alpine releases A110 R Fernando Alonso edition image

Fernando Alonso's signature can be found on the exterior and even inside; it's embroidered on the seats. Alpine also put Alonso's motto on the sun visor: "There is more than one path to the top of the mountain".

The vehicle isn't just about little color tweaks and visual bits, as it has a unique system where the driver can quickly alter the ground clearance of the A110 R as well as the stiffness of the suspension. For track use, the vehicle can be lowered by 10mm and the firmness of the suspension increased by 5%. This means more fun on the track, and Alpine says it was approved by Alonso on the Barcelona F1 circuit.

Alpine releases A110 R Fernando Alonso edition image

The car is being released just as Fernando Alonso himself is leaving the team for Aston Martin. Actually, Alonso's announcement triggered a rather unusual silly season in Formula One with drivers moving all around the teams for 2023.

Still, the A110 R Fernando Alonso will be sold in very limited numbers: 32 units. That's an homage to the number of wins that Alonso has. Each one will have a plaque that indicates the race that was won by the driver. Alonso hasn't yet won with Alpine, though he still has four races this year to do so.