Lithium-ion batteries will power future Aston Martin models

Aston Martin planned to sell electric vehicles back in 2019. However, with an ever-changing EV landscape, the British automaker was not able to keep up, and the Rapide E electric car was shelved.

But just recently, they renewed plans towards a battery-powered future. Their goal is to unveil their first electric vehicle (EV) by 2025. And to do that, they tapped the services of an upcoming British company to fast-track the development of its future high-performance vehicles.

Aston Martin will work with Britishvolt, a tech firm that specializes in lithium-ion battery technology. If the brand sounds familiar, it's the same company that Lotus is partnering with to develop EV sports cars.

“This powerful collaboration combines Aston Martin’s 109 years of engineering mastery with the expertise of a fast-growing UK technology business. Working together with Britishvolt, I believe we can create new technologies to power benchmark-setting Aston Martin electric cars that will match our reputation for high performance and ultra-luxury with the highest standards of sustainability” says Tobias Moers, CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda.

Aston Martin partners with Britishvolt for EV battery tech image

Their first plug-in hybrid supercar, the Valhalla, is set to be delivered to its owners in early 2024, and all-new models are set to have hybrid powertrain options by 2026. Fully-electric versions, on the other hand, are being targeted to be introduced in the year 2030 for the whole lineup.

The two British brands will work together to achieve high standards of repeatable on-track performance, charging time and range, combining those with Aston Martin's renowned engineering mastery, beautiful design, and extreme personalization.

With this partnership, it is only a matter of time before we see the new Agent 007 have an all-electric Aston Martin.